Guidelines for Church Reopening

Basic Information Everyone Needs to Know

About Reopening St. Basil the Great Parish for Public Worship

  • Sunday Mass Obligation- Archbishop Blair has dispensed from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass every Catholic in the Archdiocese of Hartford, and unless otherwise announced, this dispensation will continue through Sunday, September 6.


  • When will Mass resume- As of Monday, June 8, 2020, parishes of the Archdiocese of Hartford can reopen for the public celebration of weekday Masses. Saturday, July 4, 2020 parishes can resume the public celebration of Sunday Masses.


  • Who can come- In this first stage of resuming public worship, no more than a total of fifty (50) socially distanced persons may be present at a given Mass in keeping with the limitation currently set by the civil authorities.


  • Who shouldn’t come- The elderly, those with pre-existing conditions, those who are fearful or anxious, and those who are taking care of a sick or homebound person need not be concerned if they miss Mass as the dispensation from the Sunday obligation has now been extended. Anyone in those categories is asked to continue taking advantage of television and the Parish’s stream on Masses online as they stay home and stay safe.


  • What to bring- Unless exempt, those attending Mass are required to wear masks or face coverings and are asked to bring hand sanitizer for use during the liturgy.


  • Social Distancing- Those attending Mass are required to keep proper social distancing while in the church. This will require everyone to remain 6 feet apart from anyone who is not a member of their household.


  • What about Confession- As of June 8 the ban on any publicly scheduled confessions is also lifted. This is done, however, by observing social distancing and other guidelines of this document.

St. Basil the Great Parish Guidelines for Mass Attendance

  • Daily Mass Schedule Beginning June 8- Mon, Tues, Wed 8:00am


  • The Sunday Mass obligation has been dispensed through September 6. The Sunday Mass schedule, (begining Saturday, July 4) will be as follows. Saturday Vigil 4:00pm; Sunday 8:30am and 10:30am. The Saturday Vigil Mass will also continue to be celebrated online.


  • The Sacrament of Penance will be available beginning Saturday, June 13, 3:00- 3:30pm in St. Pius X Church. Please enter using the Sacristy Door. An usher will greet you with further instructions.


  • In order to comply with CDC and state regulations only 100 people will be allowed to attend each Mass. Therefore advanced notification of the Mass you wish to attend is mandatory. This notification can be made by contacting the parish office at (203)879-2544. All notifications must be made no later than Friday at 10:00am prior to the Daily/Sunday Masses. Please to not leave a message with your notification. You must speak with a member of the parish staff.


  • All members of the assembly are required to wear masks with a few exceptions.  Children under the age of two should not wear masks. Parents should judge for children between the ages of two and five whether they should wear a mask. Masks must remain on throughout Mass. Except while distributing Holy Communion the priest or deacon will not wear a mask.

Entering and Exiting St. Pius X Church for Mass

  • When entering the Church all those attending Mass will use the “Sacristy Door” (Door on right side of church by rectory)
  • When Mass has ended all attending will exit through Father Shea Hall doors to back parking lot.
  • Front doors will not be used.
  • Before entering the Church temperatures will be taken and names checked from notification roster.
  • Once you have entered the Church an usher will escort you to a seat.

Receiving of Holy Communion

  • The assembly is reminded that they should not feel obligated to receive Holy Communion if the risk is too high or for any other reason and can make an act of Spiritual Communion at their place.
  • If you are planning to receive Holy Communion please follow these guidelines.
    • Exit pew through the center aisle, observing six feet distancing, and one pew at a time.
    • Approach the Priest and/or Deacon to marked area with masks on and outstretched hands.
    • The Priest and/or Deacon will hold the consecrated host with tongs over your outstretched hands and place the host into your hand without touching your hand.
    • You will then step to the side to designated area, lower your mask, consume the host, replace your mask and return to your seat via the side aisle.
    • The Host must be consumed in the designated area at this time.
    • Please do not cross Communion lines from side to side.
    • If you do not wish to receive Communion, please step out of the pew so that others receiving may easily exit.
    • RECEIVING OF HOLY COMMUNION ON THE TONGUE IS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. (If you wish to receive on the tongue, you must wait until the end of Mass and everyone has exited. At that time, Monsignor Ginty will distribute communion to you.


  • Once Mass has concluded everyone exits through Father Shea Hall, one pew at a time beginning with the front, under the direction of an usher.
  • There will be an “Offertory Box” present in the hall for your offering.
  • Please no social gathering inside or outside the church.

General Guidelines

  • There is no social gathering before, during or after Mass.
  • There will be no processions; entrance, recessional or offertory (no passing of basket or presentation of gifts.)
  • There is no congregational singing, since singing has been shown to spread the virus easily.
  • There is no offertory collection during mass. An “Offertory Box” will be present in Father Shea Hall after Mass.
  • There is no holding hands during the Our Father and no exchange of a sign of peace.
  • There will be no hymnals/worship aids used for Mass.
  • Bulletins will not be distributed. To view the bulletin online, visit the parish website,
  • There will not be volunteer ministers of Holy Communion, greeters, lectors, ushers or altar servers utilized at this time.

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Also as of June 8, Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals can resume. All of the procedures and precautions given in this document for weekday Mass apply to every aspect of these special celebrations, i.e.  social distancing of at least 6 feet, wearing of masks, very limited music without congregational singing etc.

  • Baptisms
    • Parishioners seeking the Sacrament of Baptism please call the parish office.


  • Weddings
    • Couples seeking the Sacrament of Marriage please call the parish office.


  • Funerals
    • Funeral Masses are limited to no more than 50 people in attendance.
    • In order to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet, there will not be a procession behind the casket or cremains.
    • Specific guidelines will be available from the parish office and funeral directors.

For further information, please call the parish office. 203-8792544.



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